We offer exceptional service with comliments

The main objective of SunChain platform and the Sunpay cryptocurrency is to solve the multitude of inherent problems with the expanding online payment industry by creating an incentivized,distributed platform built on the blockchain. Our goal is to make the online payment process easier while simultaneously reducing the risk and costs for users.

The Sunpay (SP) is a decentralized cryptocurrency using blockchain technology and is not controlled by any third-party agencies or central authorities. Sunpay can be used in all online booking services including: hotel accommodations, flights, transportation, cinemas, travel tours and additional travel services which can be made from the comfort of your mobile phone.

how does it work?


SunChain is the most popular digital wallet. We are on the way to develop a successful fair financial future. With the help of Sun Chain Pay and SunChain we are on the one track of easy accessible transactions around the globe.


Sun Chain pay and SunChain offers fast mobile transactions everywhere in the world giving Sun Chain group a breakthrough among others.


Sun Chain Pay and SunChain plans is on a mission to build websites and apps in order to run the currency throughout every corner and give people our essential services.


Sun Chain Pay and SunChain groups offers multiple parameters of money transactions and to save money.


We offer exceptional service with comliments

out backend layer is built stateless

power to accomodate more users

sales reserve for founders and developers

system recover to the exact location

technical infrastructure

SunChain is based on the ETH network. The ETH network provides the ability to create smart contracts which can be executed in an anonymous, and secure manner. Once the contract is written, it is set in stone, which means no hacker can manipulate the system. It is just this kind of safety and flexibility that garnered Ethereum the second largest share in the blockchain market. We believe building SunChain on top of this is the best choice. As users increase in the ETH network, it will be growing our userbase laterally. With more interest, the underlying network can be improved and eventually become mainstream, and the biggest crypto currency in the market.

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